About Us

The Gemstone Factory has been a family-owned and operated business for over 28 years.   We started out in the back of a small pack-and-ship store with a box of beautiful rocks that I found at a gift show.  At that time, I did not know one stone from another, but the stones were colorful and pretty and I thought other people would think the same thing—and as it turns out, they did.  

Now, we operate out of a 15,000-square-foot facility and directly import rocks and minerals into our showroom from all over the world.  Even after all these years, we are still so excited each time a new shipment arrives! 

Over time, we’ve developed long-lasting relationships with our suppliers worldwide and have worked with many of the same families for the bulk of the last 20 years.  Not only do we import beautiful products, but we have the pleasure of working with wonderful people.  We also pride ourselves in the strong bond we have with our customers, many of whom have also been with us for years.  You make us even more passionate about what we do, and we are always excited to share our products with you! We’ve had the opportunity to meet so many customers who have traveled to our showroom in sunny South Florida.  We are lucky to have a workspace that also happens to be in a beautiful vacation destination with multiple beaches and hotspots nearby.  

Our showroom display showcases all of the items shown on the website, as well as larger specimen pieces and products that are available in more limited quantities.  Because we have products continuously coming into our showroom, our merchandise changes almost daily.  We welcome all of our customers to stop by and visit us! 

For those who can't visit us in person, our new website has been designed to help make the ordering process easier.  Our site now features a ‘search bar’ and a ‘shopping cart’.  Many items are also offered ‘by the piece’ as well as at ‘bulk pricing’.  We’ve worked very hard to build this website and we hope it makes for an enjoyable shopping experience! 

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